The Road To Happiness

laitman_283_01Question: Why can’t we simply be in a state of happiness?

Answer: Because then we wouldn’t have any desire to discover the upper world. We would exist in a state of unconsciousness.

After all, now we exist in the upper world. It is all around us, but we don’t feel it because we have no need for it, no real sensors or desires to attain it.

In order to attain them, a person must change himself so that all of his desires for this world will be practically detached from him. He will be satisfied with normal, essential existence, only in order to attain the upper world.

This is what the sufferings lead a person to. It isn’t only him but the entire world that inevitably must reach the next level.

Question: Do we  have to deal with it somehow?

Answer: The study the wisdom of Kabbalah implements the method for spiritual ascent before you encounter the suffering! Then, there will be no need for suffering since one slight sting will be enough to push you toward the upper world.

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