Being Responsible For The People

laitman_628_2Torah, Numbers 18:1: The Lord said to Aaron: You, your sons and your father’s house shall bear the iniquity associated with the Sanctuary, and you and your sons with you shall bear the iniquity associated with your kehunah.

Question: Why must Aaron and his sons always bear the iniquity?

Answer: Who really can be blamed for what happens to a person if not those who raised him?

If I am guilty of something, where should I look for the root of the problem? Where were the school, parents, and the environment? What did they do and what do they want from me now? I am their product. So I blame them, and now we have to re-do everything.

During the time of David, Solomon, and other Jewish leaders, the king was responsible for everything. This is totally different than what happened in the European kingdoms.

The Jewish leaders had very hard work because the king was the leader and the chief educator. He had to set an example in every way and could not allow himself to do what he felt like: no rest, hunting or royal balls! He was responsible for all of the people, which is pure spiritual work. It was all on his shoulders.

Comment: Judging by the Book of Psalms, it was very difficult for King David and a bit easier for King Solomon.

Answer: King David describes all of the phases of the spiritual work in the Book of Psalms. And King Solomon had a totally different role: to attain the Light of Hochma. This is a kind of peacemaking. King David operated from Malchut and King Solomon from a slightly higher level.

Solomon is the state to which all of humanity must come. Therefore, in order to attain this state, we must overcome all of the levels of David (Messiah the son of David).
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/3/15

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