The Kabbalists And Their Students

laitman_528_04Question: Are particular skills and abilities required for attaining the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: No, only a desire is needed.

Question: Are there people in our world who have reached the upper world?

Answer: Certainly, today in our world there is a certain number of people who have attained the spiritual world. In addition, many are engaged in our system and are on the way to attainment.

In the previous generation, these were people who studied the wisdom of Kabbalah under the guidance of my teacher Rabash.

Before then, there were people who studied Kabbalah under the guidance of his father Baal HaSulam. And even earlier, if we go deeply into history, there were great Kabbalists from whom remain great writings for us. They all were involved with the discovery of the system of management and the way to use it in the way most beneficial for all of humanity.

There were even hidden Kabbalists who didn’t write books and didn’t have students. Their role was to create contact between our level and the higher level. In the sources, they are called the 36 hidden Tzaddikim (Righteous Ones). However, 36 is a symbolic number.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/27/15

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