Tent And Garments

Dr. Michael LaitmanTorah, “Numbers,” “Chukat,” 19:14: This is the law: if a man dies in a tent, anyone entering the tent and anything in the tent shall be unclean for seven days.

This talks about the external environment of a person that includes a house, a yard, a field, and a desert.

A tent is the closest thing to a human body right after one’s clothes. People are animals; that’s why their clothes were made of wool and leather. Tents too were made of animal skin, wool, and fur.

Wool, leather, silk are the best materials for the human bodies; sleeping on wool, wearing wool and leather is the best for our health. And of course, it is very beneficial to live in a tent since there is a totally different aura there.

Question: So, what does “to die in a tent” mean?

Answer: It means that people are using their desires egoistically—to receive for one’s own sake.  That’s why their surrounding shell doesn’t save them, not even their clothes or a tent. So, our desires must be cleaned in order to make it possible to use them in the future.

In the past, garments were transferred from generation to generation. In spirituality, it is done by transferring the screen from one state to another. It’s not about physical death but about killing one’s prior states.

How does one transition from state to state? How do people reincarnate? What stays of us and what transforms? Why do we call our new reincarnation a “new life”? Is it really new as opposed to our old life? What is intact and what continues rotating? How do people use their previous instruments, including clothes and tents? The Torah gives answers to all these questions.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/24/15

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