Creating A Security Dome Over The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does one shield himself against the collective aggression of the masses, not physically but emotionally?

Answer: Only through unity! It is not important from whom or from what the aggression stems. Any deep emotion on any level can be neutralized only through a positive attitude, but not towards a particular person or source, but rather through a good relationship between us.

The whole world hates us—don’t pay attention to it. Unite among yourselves and you will see how the whole world will dance attendance on you.

Question: What about a neighbor who hates you? Should one sit with him at a table and start a conversation?

Answer: A direct conversation will not help. We need to create a general atmosphere. When talking with someone one on one, you as if give them a solution at the level of our world. Most likely it won’t work, except maybe in individual cases. Therefore it is necessary to go through all the people, through the general system.

We have to create an atmosphere of mutual goodness and benevolence among us, for through our unity we create a security dome over the nation.

Question: What is the first step on the way to unity?

Answer: Let’s begin to be aware of this, to speak and think about it. There is no need for anything else.

Question: Does this mean that the wisdom of Kabbalah is against action?

Answer: Certainly not. For example, many volunteers visit hospitals or care for the elderly, etc.. Yet if these actions were in order to unite the people, they would be crowned with success. It is very important to keep an inner focus that you do this for the sake of unity. That is how you activate the system of upper management.

Simple mechanical activities won’t give anything. Our world is basically a consequence of the upper world. You want to influence it? This can be done only through your intentions. Through your actions you will not influence the upper degree.

So it is necessary to learn how this is done. I call for everyone to visit our websites, to learn, to write to us, and take part in our activities. Join us at whatever it’s convenient for you. If we unite into a single system, you will see how it will change the current atmosphere.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the core, the soul of our nation, from which we were created. Not only will you discover many new things, you will also realize how you can change your destiny and the fate of the world.
From KabTV’s “Confrontation. How it works in reality” 10/28/15

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  1. People are linked by their desires. Does it serves if there is no intention?.

  2. Dr. Laitman I was so amazed and astonished when I watch you on youtube video expound on 5 principles of Kabbalah. Your knowledge of the Kabbalah is so profound and pure and to my soul, you are among the best Kabbalists of all times ever. You are my mentor. I am a Zambian and I would like to learn more about Kabbalah , Zohar and the writings of Ari. How best can you help me?

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