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laitman_547_05Question: My husband and I began studying the wisdom of Kabbalah a while ago. With tiny steps, we began to set foot on this path. Already in the beginning of the way, we started getting answers to some of the questions that we have been asking throughout our lives.

We have three small children, and as a mother, the question that concerns me is whether I will be able to convey to them some real principles about life.

You say that only personal experience is the way to teach children. How does one do this?

Answer: Free your children from your plans, and don’t force anything on them. When they grow up, they will see what you are involved with and will choose for themselves whether or not this is for them.

Question: Could you please tell me how to deal with, teach and direct my twelve-year old nephew? His mother passed away and his father doesn’t provide for him. He lives with his uncle and grandfather. I really want him to study and understand Kabbalah, but I have no idea how to turn him in this direction.

Answer: Take care of his material needs and gently give him something easy to read from our materials.

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