Who Determines The Appearance Of The World?

laitman_423_01A very egoistic perception of the world is typical in humanity, according to which we think that the world revolves according to the way that we manage it. That is what governments, powerful people, the rich, and the successful think. Even the simplest person thinks that his entire life is the result of what he does.

Everyone blames someone for anything that happens, and all of us think that we are the masters in this world. We acknowledge that the nature of humanity is evil and egoistic, but what can be done if we are like that? That is how we are and that is how we live and run the world. Certainly we could manage it better, not with such barbarity, but more thoughtfully and humanely. But nothing can be done about our being like that.

We construct all kinds of systems and try to be involved in this world as much as possible. We agree that it is imperfect, but that is how it is. People suppose that the world is the result of our management, our behavior, the connection between us, culture, education, politics, economics, commerce, etc.

All of this determines how the world appears. We hope that through our actions we can improve our lives somehow, and we cannot accept that the picture of the world that we perceive and see is not at all the result of our activities.

But the Creator, the Higher Power, draws this picture for us at each and every moment according to the Reshimot (spiritual genes). And a picture of the world is portrayed within us according to these Reshimot, and we cannot influence it in any way, but only determine the right attitude towards this picture, meaning an awareness that it comes to us entirely from the Creator. This applies to the past, the present, and the future. The Creator arranges our perception according to such a timeline.

What is important is not how we relate to the world, but how we relate to the Creator! The moment that we turn our attention toward the director, the origin, the Creator of the world, we immediately acquire the right perspective. And then it becomes clear that the whole world is concealed, evasive, a temporary image that is drawn within our mind with all of its nations, countries, and the entire terrible mess that is happening on the face of our small planet and within each and every individual person.

This picture becomes clearer to us at every moment in all kinds of different forms, in all of the various international and private quarrels, all of the different types of internal and external problems. All this is only so that when faced by all these troubles, we learn to justify the Creator, the source. All of these forms are clarified within our ego, within the desire to receive, which is the opposite of the Creator. And so we see our inner malfunctioning and perceive it as an external reality.

So we don’t need to regret the difficult situations that we went through in the past or that we are going through now in the present and to lose all hope for a good future. Rather we need to rise up and adhere to our root, which is only good that does good. And everything that we feel in this reality, ourselves, and this world is intended only so that above all of this we connect with the absolute good source and abandon our desire to receive in which we feel such a distorted and inferior picture of this world.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/7/14

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