The Way I Am Is The Way I See Others

laitman_423_02Question: Society in Israel today is very divided and full of hatred. It is split into many communities and factions according to a thousand different factors, and each one hates the others. You say that the holiday of Lag BaOmer is the turning point from hatred to unity between people?

Answer: Love is inseparable from unification. It is impossible to unite without love and it is impossible to love without uniting. Unity is an expression of love.

The counting of days of Omer is the correction from hatred to love. We came out of Egypt, revealed the kind of egoism that dwells in us, and we are beginning to correct it. This correction consists of 49 stages—the 49 days of counting the Omer, during which we fix our relationships with everyone else, starting with the easiest and progressing to more and more complex ones.

The 33rd day of Omer is the so-called “Lag BaOmer”—it is a milestone, and when we reach it we can be certain that we will correct all of our hatred, regardless of its power. When we reach this day, we receive such strength that allows us to correct everything else.

Hatred is corrected only with the force of the Light. With every day of the Omer comes a new portion of Light, a total of 49 portions, like an infusion. The Light is the force that is hidden in nature. Now we feel only a force of evil, egoism. In the whole word that surrounds us: the inanimate, vegetative, animals, people, and in ourselves we see only the force of receiving, consuming, and self-love.

The fact is that I am an egoist, and therefore I reveal only the egoistic part in every person, animal, and any creature, according to the principle of “one judges according to his own flaws.” The way I am is how I see others.

Thus, we feel that all of nature is a force of evil, egoism, which forces us to think only about ourselves and receive pleasure from the suffering of others. However, there is another force in nature: in addition to a minus, there is also a plus, a positive force. However, this force is hidden and we don’t feel it.

We have to extract this positive force from nature so that it can correct us and balance the evil force in us.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/30/15

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