What Can You Bestow To People?

laitman_549_01Question: Why is it necessary to connect with friends and it is not enough simply to be involved with dissemination to the public?

Answer: Our dissemination to the wider public is an action that comes from above to below. It is necessary to come to people and to guide them, to become their head. But in order to be their head I must be the bestower. How can I acquire the characteristic of bestowal if I am not connected with another ten, or a hundred, or a few thousand people like me, in conditions of absolute equality?

I need the group to acquire the characteristic of bestowal with which I will go out to the wider public. So together with the group, I need to be connected to the Light that Reforms. Alone, I am not able to be connected to the Light. The Light doesn’t bestow to each one separately, there must be ten people according to the spiritual structure of the Kli. If there aren’t ten people, the Light will have nothing in which to be clothed, in which to be grasped; it will have nothing to fill. It is as if a Kli had only walls but not the tenth Sefira, the Malchut, meaning there is no bottom of the Kli. So it is called a Tsinor (pipe).

Without the group it is impossible to attract the Light, the power that will correct you. What can you bring to the public if you are not connected to a Kli and the Light that fills it? How can you disseminate if you don’t have any connection with the origin of the power? You can just sell books or work on the Internet in dissemination of articles and there won’t be any problem in replacing you with some paid worker who just works for a salary. For if you don’t have Light, what can you bestow other than papers?
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/4/14

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