The Purpose For Living Was Never Missing

Laitman_051Opinion (Jefim Fištejn): “During the same century in which the West was dying, unbelievable events were taking place: two world wars and hundreds of small wars, old empires fell apart, powerful totalitarian ideologies flourished and faded and there was an outbreak of the symptoms of global depression.

“At the same time, in the members of our generation, with their particularly sensitive souls, there is a sensation that this time the West will be unable to prevent a historical downfall. The present crisis is characteristic not only of the West; it is a general crisis of humanity. There is no sensible, smart and understandable project for the future. There is no purpose for which it is worthwhile to live and die, everyone is wandering in the dark together.

“Maybe it was a heartfelt sensation or conviction, but everyone always knew that beyond the horizon something greater was waiting. In an outline (general guidelines) of the future, the present could be seen. The way towards it led to something higher and was paved with improvements, inventions and social and technological progress. There was a time when our lifetime necessarily led to a future, the future was a continuation of reality, a lifeline. But suddenly humanity lost interest in progressive development and turned its back on the future. How would it be possible to save the world and at least maintain the general guidelines?”

My Comment: That is right. All that remains to add is, that there is a purpose and the person is not the one who determines it. Rather, it is the program of nature and we must discover it. So humanity urgently requires the wisdom of Kabbalah. And here we have reached the endpoint of the plan of creation!

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