The “Mixed Multitude” And Manna From Heaven

Laitman_632_4The Torah, “Numbers” 11:1 – 11:6: The people were looking to complain, and it was evil in the ears of the Lord. The Lord heard and His anger flared, and a fire from the Lord burned among them, consuming the extremes of the camp. The people cried out to Moses; Moses prayed to the Lord, and the fire died down He named that place Tab’erah, for the fire of the Lord had burned among them there.

But the multitude among them began to have strong cravings. Then even the children of Israel once again began to cry, and they said, “Who will feed us meat? We remember the fish that we ate in Egypt free of charge, the cucumbers, the watermelons, the leeks, the onions, and the garlic. But now, our bodies are dried out, for there is nothing at all; we have nothing but manna to look at.”

For what reason did the people begin to complain? After all, they had no presumptions prior to this.

It was because there was a “mixed multitude” among them. It means that all of the desires of the people still had not been purified of egosim since there were desires like these among them that are called the mixed multitude. They were afraid of the Creator, but worked for themselves, for their Pharaoh.

Imagine a person who has fear of the Creator and carries out everything that is said in the holy books, in the prayer books, and the Shulchan Aruch. What for? “I am carrying out everything that you told me to do, so you should be carrying out what you promised me!” This is called the mixed multitude.

The person apparently is living near to the Creator, and supposedly is providing himself with a future paradise. He could even die, knowing that nirvana (complete rest) is waiting for him. There are known cases when they stopped terrorists at the last minute, and they shouted that they wanted to die. This is because they already were ready to enter paradise in the next minute.

The mixed multitude tempts the people—meaning, desires that exist in every person—and they begin to complain. It didn’t get what it needs. The entire movement in the wilderness is a movement within nothing. The person doesn’t get anything, he must move forward, and that is all. They only give him a small sign, a small imaginary cloud that he is going toward something.

When will he be able to feel the presence of the Creator more clearly? It is when he violates something and gets it in his head, “Oh! I now am convinced that this is forbidden.” So, it follows that it is necessary to do something. These egoistic desires say, “We don’t want to be satisfied with a request to the Creator.”

For what was the intention of the MAN in the wilderness? It is specifically thanks to my being in the wilderness and having nothing. From a state of complete hopelessness, I can find the one and only way, the way to the Creator. I have no one else to whom to turn, and when I turn to Him, this is called MAN.

This means that MAN is the raising of my prayer, my request specifically to the Creator and only in the wilderness! Only when I am completely empty and I have nothing—not for the sake of the body, not for the sake of what is coming, and not even for the sake of the world to come—then I can turn to Him and I am filled with this. This turning to the Creator fills me.

In fact, I don’t get anything other than a unilateral connection with the Creator. If I act like this, then manna comes to me from Heaven. I am nourished by this, and I begin to fill my soul.

However, it is filled only through my turning to the Creator! So, this is not talking about MAD, about fulfillment from above (the answer of the Creator), but specifically about the imaginary, unilateral turning, without an answer that is not based on anything for the Creator, from a state of hopelessness.

If I don’t want any favors and pleasures from the world, if I don’t want anything other than a wilderness that makes it possible for me to turn to Him unilaterally (when, in general, I don’t know if I am turning or not), this is enough for me. This fills my soul. If I can move forward in this manner, then I enter the wilderness and pass through it.

It is said that there were all kinds of tastes in the manna. So, everything that I feel in the manna depends on how much I can join my egoistic desires to my relationship with the Creator. Then, according to this, I will feel that I am filled with all kinds of things.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/11/15

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