Iran Nuclear Deal? Not Our Problem

My weekly column appears in Ynet, the Israeli news and general content website. Here is one of my recently published articles, “Iran Nuclear Deal? Not Our Problem”


You thought the Iranian nuclear issue is our main problem? Think again. The nuclear problem is actually here. It is in the murky relations between us and not in the relations of Israel and the world. “Our nation is founded on unity and fraternal love,” says Rav Dr. Michael Laitman who finds a deep connection between the current situation and the time before the destruction of the Temple.

We have no time for ego games. The world is directing its boycott arrows at the wall of the Israeli fortress, putting us in a field trial. Very few countries will shed tears after pushing the red button, and there is no Israeli leadership that can tip the scales in our favor by itself.

Instead of leading national unity—and not the government, our politicians focus all their energy squabbling like kids in a sandbox, unaware of the existential threat hovering over our heads.

Bibi and Buji suggest the establishment of a national unity government and at the same time spread mutual slander, and politicians dance on the rising cost of living and in the background gas fumes rise, the only thing left for the ordinary citizen to do is to close his eyes tightly and try to escape thoughts of the fatal consequences of the Iranian nuclear agreement.

However, the facts speak for themselves. The nuclear problem is actually here in the murky relations between us and not in the relations of Israel and the Arabs, the Iranians or the Americans. These are all just symptoms of the central tear. Our nation is founded on unity and fraternal love.

The moment we divert from this path, the negative forces in the world immediately emerge, pushing us to hide in shelters together and remember that we are one nation. This is exactly what happened during the military operation, “Solid Rock,”[Operation Protective Edge] and those that preceded it. However, the moment the threat is gone, we go back to being stubborn, refusing to prepare the remedy for the next blow—to act together willingly and not through being forced to by the Iranians, Hamas or others.

Hate is a powerful force that leads to separation and destruction.

Today is the ninth of Av, and we are used to attributing historic, religious connotations to this day and forget that it is about us, about the Israeli society that was founded on the spirit of togetherness, just as in the time of the destruction of the Second Temple when Israel was divided into two camps accusing each other and fighting one another, thus even intentionally burning the food storages of Jerusalem and causing hunger in the city during the siege. It is the same today; the evil stems from us.

We live in the moment, but in continuous denial of our deteriorating state that leads us to destruction.

The first to stab knives of criticism into Israel in front of the entire world are Jews, and unfortunately, even here at home we cut each other’s flesh on the road, on Facebook, and in line at healthcare clinics, just like the Roman Caesar who waited for the right moment to attack Israel.

The social tear fills our daily life with evil all the way to the level of the individual, and unfounded hatred still dominates us. The pleasure of hurting others motivates us for better or for worse.

We were not taught that negative feelings and hostile relationships between us are actually what affects and formats our reality. The stronger the force is, the more hidden it is. Hate is a powerful force that leads to division and destruction. Our hate crushes the world.

No political move will lead to a solution. No external cover of a national unity government will be able to heal the human afflictions we cause one another. We must lead a cross-national move from the interpersonal to multi-sectors that will put an end to division among us in every aspect of life and will reflect positively on our national security and political situation. Now, just as in the past, it is only by improving the relations between us that we will be able to rebuild the Israeli society from its ruins.
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