For The Fairy Tale To Come True…

laitman_944Question: You use such beautiful high words like “unity” and “love of others,” but they are so far from our lives that they seem like a fairy tale. How can it become a reality?

Answer: Suppose the Knesset, the government, or the president issue a compulsory education law called “a united nation is a duty” instead of just using nice words. They would not be able to enforce it properly, of course, without the help of Kabbalists, and we would be happy to cooperate and bring it to the people so that they would accept it.

Then courses will be opened everywhere, on the radio, TV, the media, kindergartens, schools, etc. It is only a question of making a decision, but an ultimate decision that nothing is more important for the nation of Israel than being the nation of Israel, which means becoming a united nation. We have no future here unless we unite.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/2/15

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  1. This is very not confusing but understanding to it is these circles are initiated and when.

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