The Era Of Universal Calming

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we, the Jewish people, publicly declare our mission, nations will cease pressuring us and will give us time and the opportunity to perform the mission. Moreover, they will come to help us as much as possible, saying, “Just tell us what to do. We are ready.”

Question: Why has this mission been hidden from us for so long? If we had known about it, then maybe we would have realized it in life a long time ago.

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah has remained hidden intentionally because we had to be immersed in the nations of the world. We are talking about a large-scale, highly complex program. We fell from the degree of love into unfounded hatred and this degree is invisibly rooted within us.

Thus, going into exile among the nations of the world, and not knowing how, we affect them and form all sorts of connections. Our contribution is still to be manifested, especially as the ten lost tribes are contributing for the first time since the time of the First Temple.

Therefore, as it is said, war, terrorism and all the miseries and misfortunes, come ultimately because of the Jews.

This means that it is necessary to unite with each other according to a special technique: in circles, in tens. We have already started the process, but this must be done on a large scale by all the people, among the Jews in Israel and abroad. Here and there, we have to lead the people to unity, as in the days of Abraham and the days of the First Temple. We have to rise to this height.

As soon as we start doing this, there will come a general calming, and no one will blame us. So, let’s try. It is in our hands to calm the world. Enemies that are standing today at the border and waiting to destroy us will disappear.

There will be no more anti-Semites and everyone will be in favor. After all, in the end, Israel starts to function properly and give the world what it should, as everyone states, “Finally, these Jews began to realize something that requires them to a higher law, a higher power.”

The fact is that unwittingly, the Jewish people have a special potential, which is the ability to change the world, reality, ourselves and humanity. It is entrusted to us.

We have received the methodology of Kabbalah, and today, according to The Book of Zohar and many Kabbalists, it is time for its revelation and realization. This is the only way to get rid of anti-Semitism, and in general, to correct ourselves and the world. This should happen in our generation, here and now.

Question: How will Israeli society look then?

Answer: The whole society will be united as one man with one heart. Everyone  will feel the eternal, perfect peace. Everyone will identify with the upper force and move into a future dimension that is entirely good.

Question: Is it a secular or religious approach?

Answer: Absolutely secular. It has nothing to do with religion. After all, religion is not engaged in the principle of “love your neighbor as self”; it does not nurture interconnection and love between people, especially on a global scale. Religion helps to keep local customs, traditions, and give a person different services, which of course, do not conflict with the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/25/14

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