The Nations Of The World Will Help The Jews Unite

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is typical that the heads of many organizations that come out against Israel are themselves Jews. How must we relate to this?

Answer: If we want to change the situation, we must work only among Jews and this will absolutely be enough. But it would be very useful if we would be helped from the outside.

So we must turn to various organizations and go out to all the nations of the world, and explain the entire process to them so they will gradually understand why hatred towards Jews is created in them and what it is they expect from Israel. Then the whole world will help the people of Israel, but only on condition that they will understand their obligation to unite as one person with one heart.

After all, through Israel, the power of unification will open for the world. Unification is the only thing that is lacking in the world. Imagine how wonderful the world would become if all people were connected with good ties. There is full abundance in the world; it is only necessary to distribute it correctly among everyone, then everyone will be happy.

Comment: One of the most tangible examples is an independent expert at the UN for the protection of human rights in the Palestinian territories, Richard Falk, best known for sympathizing with the Palestinians and his negative attitude towards Israel. The newspapers have called him “anti-Semitic.”

He is a member of an organization “Stop the War” that refers only to the war against the Palestinians and blames Israel with all its might. He is a highly educated person, a former professor at Princeton University, and at the same time, appears to be against Israel even though he himself is a Jew.

Answer: This is not a unique phenomenon. It would be worthwhile to bring the explanation to him, to send him our information, our pamphlets. Correction will come from both sides. The main thing is unification among the Jews, which must be discovered and expand, and then from them it will break out to the nations of the world.

But for the Jews to be able to consolidate and create this power of unification, they require help from the outside. This help can be negative, just as a threat from wolves force sheep to join together. And it could be positive help, from a good force, when the nations of the world help this unification and also want to join it. And then the Jews will unite, they will want to please the nations of the world and implement their demands.

This means that it is possible to attain this unification with good or with evil. Certainly it will be much better if the nations of the world will understand what is happening and demand that the Jews unite, they would declare that this is imperative for them and would even exert pressure and help in attaining this unification.

Such a level of awareness can be reached through our dissemination,turning the world toward a good way of evolution. So dissemination must be directed both toward the Jews and the nations of the world, but nevertheless, the main work is done among the people of Israel.
From KabTV’s “Anti-Semitism” 7/21/14

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