Everything Is Closed In One Circle

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the unity of friends that Rabash talks about?

Answer: Unity is when we clarify the teacher’s advice among us and examine it according to the sources in order to grow stronger and then to fulfill them together when we are equally connected. We try to make the connection between us into a mutual force field in which everyone is equally connected and focused in the right direction when everyone helps one another in mutual guarantee in order to reveal the attribute of bestowal among us, the force of bestowal that operates all of reality and is external to us.

We ascend from below wishing to establish this attribute by our desires, our vessels. We want this attribute to be dressed in us and to be revealed in the vessel according to the equivalence of form. All this happens between us. This is how we want to attain all the levels of our general soul, which we now build between us.

Then we will have to attach all of humanity to this unity so that our small circle would grow bigger from internality to externality. We will discover all the levels of the desire in it—0, 1, 2, 3, 4— and all the Lights—Nefesh, Ruach, Haya, Yechida—all the 125 levels that determine the intensity of the connection between us if we attach all the other shattered parts.

It is a very clear picture. Everything is closed in one small circle, in its central point.

Comment: The picture is clear, but I cannot fulfill this connection with the friends.

Answer: Of course you can’t because you have to add the Creator to the connection. He is the one who stands in your way and doesn’t let you connect. You are used to doing everything by yourself in our world. You depend on your mind and your feelings, on your energy and your power, but in spirituality you cannot do anything but discover a deficiency and aim it at the One who performs everything, at the operating force.

Don’t forget that! Have you ever thought of connecting to a group of egoists and attaining everything? This is called “the seat of the scornful,” and this is clearly no way of attaining anything.

You sit and cry that nothing works out, which means that you discover that you cannot do the work and that you need a partner. It is through the group and the teacher that you feel the need for a partner that has to help you. Then your prayer will solve the problem.

All you need to do is to reach the right request. This has to do be a prayer of many in which everyone connects to the same goal and understand that only the Creator can fulfill it; only the Light corrects the vessels, which means that only the Light connects them. If there is the right demand ( more or less), it is fulfilled.

The factor of time operates here as many pennies add up to a big account. In the mean time, we have to go through additional phases of scrutiny and clear up different concepts, and then it will happen.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/26/14

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