The High Priest’s Qualities, Part 3

laitman_232_06 4.  Wealth

“The High Priest has to be monetarily more stable than other Cohens.” (“Let There Be Light,” “Leviticus,” “Emor”).

Correcting our Kelim (vessels) and receiving the Light of Hochma means that we are “wealthy.”

Money (“Kesef” – derives from the word “Kisuf” – covering) indicates a screen (Masach). Cohens use the money to satisfy other people’s needs, to help them and to connect with them.

Financially, the high priest has to be much “better off” than the other Cohens, i.e., he has to have a big “screen” (Kesef, Kisuf – the money) so that he uses the money as a “safety umbrella” to cover his people. The high priest possesses the power that can absorb all desires, properties, and hopes of his people, makes them more dignified, brings them to the next spiritual level, and correctly orients them towards the Upper Light so that the latter benefits them, not hurts.

Each next level includes all previous steps. The lower steps are similar to the corresponding points of the next step. That’s why a Cohen has to have a screen that covers all of them.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/14/14

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