Seeing Other Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe integration between the two forces, reception and bestowal, is the foundation of creation. Modern science is approaching this phenomenon, but still is not ready to feel it. The scientists are approaching some threshold after which they will discover that time, space, and movement don’t exist, that there is no life and death, and that matter doesn’t exist, not even fundamental particles. Rather, all of these are found in our sensations.

What does exist? How do we acquire the senses for the new dimension?

Scientists already have reached the conclusion that there is no life and death, rather everything is derived from some kind of internal sensation. So, who are we? Does my body truly exist, or does it only seem that way to me? The concept of “existence” disappears; for whom does it exist? Recent scientific articles indicate that they reach that it is purely internal contemplation.

Question: Suppose that Kabbalists have a goal that many people might see as transient, but is still a goal. The goal of the scientists is simply to discover something, and what else?

Answer: The same goal exists for us and for the scientists. We want to discover the purpose of life! What difference does it make if we call it Creator, nature, or anything else? I want to discover the truth, but I am not ready to do this because I discover it in regard to myself; and, if I change, it also changes. This is to say that it is no longer the truth, it is no longer absolute, and if we are talking about the absolute, I cannot attain it. I am not prepared to feel and understand it because I am not ready for this. I must change myself beforehand. However, how can I change regarding the same space in which I will discover the truth?

This is truly a theory of relativity, but not that of Einstein. Rather, it is more modern. After all, we now find ourselves on the threshold of crossing the barrier into the realization of a new space. It is possible to call this a space because it is felt within us, similar to our space. However, it is up to each of us to check as to whether we have felt the truth. This is obligatory. We can examine this only on condition that we go outside ourselves and calibrate ourselves relative to something eternal and whole. How do we do this? It is exactly here that science stops and fails. So, the scientists will ultimately begin to hear us. They will have a great yearning to advance, together with the great disappointment that they cannot advance because of the barrier that they are not ready to cross. They will understand that on the other side of the barrier is found something that they are not ready to perceive because they have no other senses, and where are these senses found? How are they acquired? How do we change in order to acquire them?

When a state like this is created, they will be ready to listen to and understand us. They will have all the preconditions of yearning, a tremendous attraction to advancement, the recognition of their powerlessness, and the feeling that we are talking about something that arises on the same standard as their sensation.

What is science? It is a yearning to discover the Creator. Scientists aspire to discover the Creator, but they call Him nature. We also call Him nature, but for them, nature is only the laws that operate in this world, and we are saying that nature is much broader. We offer the investigation of the laws of the next world.

When people become the subject of investigation, their values are changed. This is even though we don’t think this way because we have become used to thinking that we are unchanging. For example, in a mathematical formula, one factor is a constant, and the rest of the factors change, and that is how we solve the equation. After that, we begin to change this factor and don’t change the others, and so on.

That is how it is with us as well. We think that we don’t need to change ourselves and are exploring a changing nature. However, when we reach a barrier, a blind alley, we begin to hear and understand something as researchers. However, if we begin to change ourselves, could it be that we also discover that we cause a change? When we begin to be changed, we acquire new senses.

The scientists say that perception is subjective. If emotion is subjective, let’s change the subject, and then we will see other worlds.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/10/13

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