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laitman_547_06Question: Today there is a terrible conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Lugansk and Donetsk residents have to face a question whether to defend their land to the end by suffering the enormous losses or to take some other action. How does Kabbalah see this problem?

Answer: Unfortunately, all the conflicts in the world are tied to us. And as a rule, they accumulate and turn against us because we do not do anything, even though we are the only force able to balance all the negative and positive in the world.

Therefore, Lugansk, Donetsk, and the Gaza Strip, and any internal family conflicts wherever they may be, are all tied in a single knot.

Everything is tied into one system starting from small conflicts that arise within our body as different diseases, and ending with a turmoil in human society at all levels: economic, political, spiritual, and family. Only the Jewish people can balance it if they start to unite properly with each other according to the method of Kabbalah.

So I cannot say anything good about Donetsk and Lugansk as long as we do not take the matter up ourselves.

Comment: It could be understood that there is a necessity for an Israeli assault force which will bring order there.

Answer: No, we do not need any assault force! We just need the Jewish people coming to a mutual agreement among themselves, to the correct relationship with each other, which is what the real Torah requires of us. And that is first and foremost. We are the Jewish people, and the whole world is on the verge of such critical events that I cannot hold myself back by confusing people in the hope that somehow it will be all right.

Our Academy consists of students who are not just Jewish. Hence, they can be the carriers of the spirit of the Kabbalah. This means that the peace will be brought to the Ukrainian territory not only by the Jewish people, but also by the Ukrainian people studying Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “A Special Opinion” 8/17/14

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