There Are No Enemies, Only Partners

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Book The Tree of Life,” Item 3: When the generations have lessened and their sages themselves had started to crave both tables, meaning a good life for their corporeality, too, their views drew near to the masses.

The desire to enjoy was constantly growing, a meter was continuously turning inside, increasing its temperature more and more, until the desire to enjoy flamed up completely. Greater and greater Reshimot were becoming revealed. And that’s why scientists, who used to be idealists and only wanted pure science, as it was until the end of the Middle Ages, suddenly reached out for wealth and praise; they wanted Nobel prizes. This is how they started to sell their science.

And besides, research demanded so much material resources, such great investment, that scientists didn’t have so much money and were forced to sell themselves to the ruling circles, the mighty of this world. It became possible to approach a chemist and order a new drug, stronger than any existing ones.

And the scientists had no choice but to fulfill the orders–this is something that didn’t happen before. First of all, a scientist didn’t need money and was drawn to pure science. Secondly, the clients weren’t that corrupt, ready to destroy the entire world for their profit. That’s how the world has changed and the generations have lessened.

We see today that people need science to get control over others and earn money. Science is not used for the sake of pure science; no one takes interest in this any longer. Nobody would give a penny for pure science, and no one is engaged in it any more.

Scientists are engaged in applied disciplines that can bring real financial profit and as soon as possible. Therefore, thanks to science we reveal that we are slaves of the evil inclination. But for now, only Kabbalists realize this, while those who control scientists pay those whom it’s worthwhile to pay and utilize science only for the sake of profit.

Egoistic desire develops not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively. And now we starting to realize that the entire problem is our egoism that rules over us. Some 50 years ago we didn’t think so. We conquered space, dreamed of trips to other planets and stars, and were proud of humanity’s great achievements.

Then disappointment came, and in our days all the programs in general fell to the ground. The example of today’s conflict in Ukraine, that Russia and Europe found themselves involved into, shows how everyone is dependent on each other. It’s unclear what to do, how to influence each other, since all systems begin to stall.

How can one apply any sanctions if everyone is connected to each other? One state would like to cut itself down from the other, but cannot. Everyone is tied by mutual responsibility, bad connections, and can’t do anything about it. Ultimately, complete chaos and mess begin. They start to realize that it’s impossible to do anything against each other.

If Europe refuses to receive oil and gas from Russia, how will it subsist? And if Ukraine ceases to supply foodstuffs to Russia, who will lose more? The connection is so strong that it’s impossible to cut it off. One depends on the other because it receives from it, and vice versa. Is it possible to fight under such conditions? Only wag a finger and go home?

That’s the result of the development of science thanks to which we acquired dreadful weapons and tied ourselves through international trade.

Question: So it follows that we have rolled back to the cold war?

Answer: This is not the cold war—it’s no longer possible. The cold war means applying all sanctions but firing at each other. But now it’s also impossible. Even sending a spy and exposing an enemy is pointless because if we are so interconnected, we won’t be able to do anything anyway. It’s the same as to install a video camera and spy and listen to yourself.

We we are tied together, you are not an enemy any more, but a partner. I receive foodstuffs from you, while you oil and gas from me, and we can’t make it without each other. What difference it will make if we denounce one another? If I depend on you, then on the contrary, it’s in my own interest that you strengthen your weak spots. Say, Russia will reveal some weak spots in European industry, but it’s not interested at all in harming, rather in fixing these shortcomings.

Indeed, if European industry stops, to whom will Russia sell its oil and gas? And without these sales, it won’t have money itself. Do you see where our mutual dependency leads us to? This is why so many different alliances are made, for everybody depends on each other. Only the exploding egoism prevents them from understanding this entire dependency till the end. And all of it is the consequence of modern science.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/9/2014, “Introduction to the Book The Tree of Life”

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