Hitting The Ego In The Teeth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to hit the ego in the teeth?

Answer: Every word a Kabbalist says stems from his spiritual attainment,

Thirty-two teeth symbolize thirty-two elements which correlate to the thirty-two currents of the Light of Hochma that descend from the mind, from the head of the spiritual Partzuf, go through the hairs and the inner parts of the head, and create the inner part of the mouth and the teeth, including the teeth for grinding food.

The spiritual filling includes water and food: Water is the Light of Hassadim and food is the Light of Hochma. There are thirty-two attributes called teeth that are used to grind the Light of Hochma, which isn’t easy since we have to receive in order to bestow.

It is a whole system by which we understand why we were created the way we are and why the forces of nature integrate in such a way in order to create the ultimate forms, which on our level are fulfilled in the form of a mind, brain, head, and all the other forms of the face. What is more, these forms differ in different peoples and different civilizations.

All this is necessary! And we will discover all this on the way to our correction. There is no point studying the wisdom of Kabbalah artificially since we will not be able to correct ourselves that way.

Thirty-two teeth are thirty-two systems of correction of the upper current of wisdom before it can enter the body in which there are many systems: the trachea, the larynx, the esophagus, etc.

A person should perceive information according to his feeling, not mentally but by his feelings. A small child doesn’t always understand what he is told, but when he grows up he can already perceive and understand this information.

A “blow in the teeth” means that a person doesn’t chew properly, which means that he doesn’t digest the information and he clarifies it in an opposite manner, clarifying everything for his own sake.

There are very clever people, but they turn everything for their own sake, since this is how their mind works. In the end, after many years, this turns out to be a mistake, but in the meantime, they avoid this fact and so nothing can be done with them. Five to ten years may go by before they gradually realize how to clarify things correctly.

So “hitting the teeth” means to annul the option of the wrong clarification of the Light of Hochma in us.

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  1. How do I annul the option of the wrong clarification of the Light of Hochma in us? How do I do this, So that I may Receive the Torah Correctly?

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