Going Through The Ten Plagues Of Egypt

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The path of the ten plagues of Egypt is actually the path of suffering. Is it possible to bypass them and avoid them, or is it impossible to avoid them even if I focus on love and bestowal toward my group of ten, the people who are close to me, and the teacher?

Answer: It depends on the person who follows the spiritual path. If he identifies with the forces of Egypt and with Pharaoh, he surely suffers. However, if he identifies with working above reason and ascending above it, his ego suffers, but he doesn’t identify with his ego and so he doesn’t suffer.

The time of the spiritual development is called the plagues of Egypt, which means the plagues that the ego feels that help a person rise above it. However, if he is in his ego, they force him to rise.

It all depends on to whom you compare your position.

Question: Do the plagues of Egypt reflect a certain state that we go through?

Answer: We must process and practice together to the fullest, everything that is written in the Torah! You will see that we cannot miss even one step. There may be levels that I have gone through but did not realize it, then ten years later, as often happens in life, I begin to realize what I went throug and what these actions and circumstances were.

Question: This means that we have no chance of skipping any of the plagues?

Answer: What for? How can you detach from your ego if you don’t go through all the ten plagues? You will not have a whole vessel, a vessel of ten Sefirot.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day Two” 9/20/14, Lesson 3

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