Forward Towards The Dark

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In order to come out of Egypt our ego has to go through the “ten plagues,” what does that mean?

Answer: The ten plagues of Egypt are the ten plagues that a person feels on himself, on his ego, which help him get rid of the ego. If I didn’t feel the blows, I would want to stay in the ego. But because I feel the blows while in my ego, they help me break away from it.

Each blow is stronger in quality than the previous one. Suppose I lost everything that I have in gambling, (although it isn’t about that at all), the next blow can be the loss of someone dear, etc. Actually nothing in the world happens with money and not with one’s relatives and not with anything, but the inner feeling is as if you lose everything.

There is an article in the book Shamati about that, when a person enters spirituality he thinks that he leaves the whole world, his family, and that he is detached from everything. This detachment is necessary. The ten plagues help us rise systematically above certain layers of our ego until we totally exit it, which means that we escape it.

Above the last level we are in total darkness making one more effort. The darkness symbolizes that we don’t know what is expected ahead. But since we are headed towards the attribute of bestowal, the darkness helps us.

If you are moving forward towards the Light, your ego is only too happy about it. But when you are moving forward in the dark, you can be sure that the ego will not disturb you, won’t do you any evil, and won’t take everything for itself afterward.

Question: That means that this is some kind of a trick?

Answer: This “trick” was in Egypt before the ten plagues, when no matter how hard we tried, everything was aimed at the ego. Therefore, “The children of Israel cried from the work” in building the two cities Pithom and Ramses.

Here, however, this is it, here we are headed towards the dark and not towards the Light as we were used to saying. What is more, all these blows and all the advancement are based only on our growing connection, which brings the group to this state where on the one hand the ego is revealed, the great internal hatred, and on the other hand, the clear recognition that only mutual guarantee can lead the group forward. What does that mean?

When you see that there is great hatred, you are ready to connect with everyone in order not to ever worry about anything for yourself, but only about others. All your enemies are also ready to care about one another. This readiness is revealed despite the great hatred, when you can’t even imagine how it is possible to wish these people good, and that you now have to think about them as the most important thing and in no way think of yourself. A serious, juicy detachment from the ego is taking place here!
From KabTV’s “Foundations of the Integral Society” 4/1/12

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One Comment

  1. Dear rav,

    Despite the fact I was barred from seeing the last day of Vilnius, it seems normal to give a feed back on the first day. A light burst. End of me. Great cries, then terror followed, then many good things. This unique workshop was incredible. Adjective are lacking. But I am not the purpose of this post. Here it is:

    This was a fantastic achievement of yours. This workshop was an audacious attempt. Meaning, offering an advanced, delicate practice to a group with no peculiar skills for the level, such as me: a public group. It really takes some balls to direct such a workshop.

    It surely take a lot of strength to be able to absorb both all the resistance and credulity from our minds & heart, without loosing the goal one has assigned to himself. So I wish He will send you all the possible strength to face the barbarians called students and keep offering them, us, such quality teaching.

    This was a risk taking on your side, before the world, and also a huge success. I receive so much light on saturday that I had decided not to hear the convention on the second day. Lack of preparation probably. But I got my fill after 2 hours and all aviut was gone.

    This was a splendid convention and I hope everyone enjoyed it or suffered a hell from it. This was way more than a kabbalah course. It was “avant-garde” Kabbalah practice. with a challenge to grow using advanced upper forms of teaching. A real commando attack, way above the front line, in open darkness. Respect rav, this is teaching leadership. Thank you.

    HaKol tuv
    eli feruch

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