Plagues For The Sake Of Future Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does the Passover Haggadah gladly tell about the plagues of Egypt?

Answer: First, while a person is under the control of his ego, it seems as if these plagues are performed on him because he does not separate himself from his egoism. But then, having exited his ego, he feels these blows as happening to another body, some past state, which does not belong to him, but to his egoism.

After all, he has already separated from his ego, and that is why these plagues are sweetened. This sweetness causes a special joy in a person.

The exodus from Egypt takes place on each new degree. Whenever egoism is revealed, it is necessary to overcome it, to run away from it, to rise above it, and then correct it to bestowal, so that the angel of death turns into the angel of life, the good angel. It is like a mini-exodus from Egypt on each next level, in “every generation” because in this way we ascend the steps.

The more our egoism grows and we rise above it, correct it, and pull it up to our degree, the further it helps us grow. We connect with each other more strongly as a people and thus affect the world, passing the methodology and then the force that allows rising above egoism, uniting, and revealing the spiritual world.

However, only the upper force is able to pull us out of our egoism, not we ourselves. Because we connect, we give the Light an opportunity to affect our connection and realize it. After all, we cannot unite on our own; we are able only to ask and apply efforts, which the upper Light influences and realizes this state. Then we feel within our newly formed bond, the exit.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write: The Night of Passover Seder,” 3/4/13

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