There Will Not Be Divorce

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Evgeny P. Bazhanov, President of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Russian political scientist, historian, writer, and diplomat): “In a globalizing world, even the countries located at opposite ends of the earth cannot live without each other. Moreover, the neighbors must learn to work together. In Europe, which for centuries was torn by conflicts and bloody wars, the most advanced integrated alliance has been forged, which practices a common strategy for security and development.

“In South-East Asia, they have learned to co-operate in the framework of the ASEAN states with a complex history of relationships with each other, with different ideological and religious preferences. Integral processes are developing in North and South America, in South Asia, and Africa. There is an understanding of the importance of integration in the blazing Middle East.

“In its turn, the post-Soviet region is bound to integration by a common historical heritage, geographical proximity, economic  interdependence and cultural closeness, similarity of the addressed problems. Integration processes will develop gradually, not without delay, even failures, but, of course, no divorce threatens us.”

My Comment: As a result of our development, the complete unification of all of humanity must occur in full similarity to nature, but the question is in what way will we come to a common decision about it and its realization as the only true condition. Kabbalah says that the third state, the corrected state, already exists, but the path to it is to be selected—the short good path or the long painful path.

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