The Work In The Exile In Egypt

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It says that love was revealed in the exile in Egypt. What correction is performed in Egypt?

Answer: There are many corrections there: The detachment from Jacob, the detachment from Joseph, the connection to Moses, all this is on top of the desire to receive that constantly grows; the end of the seven years of famine and the plagues of Egypt are all many inner discernments because they are the preparation of the vessel. It says the whole difference between exile and redemption is the letter Aleph (Hebrew), in the revelation of the Light, the revelation of the Creator. In exile you have to discover to what extent you are missing the Creator because without Him you cannot connect with others.

Only when you accumulate and collect all these desires, passions, the sorrow of not being able to reveal the Creator, which means the attribute of bestowal among the friends; when you regret that you cannot connect with them and you still make an effort to discover love, the connection without any account of yourself, and you cannot do so; you reach the ten plagues of Egypt by which you already detach from Pharaoh. Before that you couldn’t detach from him.

Moses in you is ready to do so, but the people of Israel are not. To the last moment your desires only hear that they should come out of Egypt, that they should prepare themselves, that these corrupt desires will receive blows, and that the desires that are focused on the Creator will be able to differ. It’s very hard work, but this shouldn’t stop us since this is the work in Egypt. Otherwise, we will not reach redemption. We will not be awarded with the Creator’s help, whose “strong hand will lead the Israelites out of Egypt,” until we reach the end of our exertion, by trying to overcome all the problems, failures, and the heavy feeling.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/26/14, The Zohar

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