The Connection Between Us Protects Our Soldiers

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that if the Jews in Israel got even one millimeter closer to each other it would bring about major changes in the whole world. Why is this place so important and why does the connection have to be from Israel?

Answer: According to the spiritual roots and the corporeal branches that match them, the Jews have to be and to connect in the land of Israel. This connection will not work out anywhere else in the world. We will not even be able to think about connection and what is more to fulfill it. This is the reason that Abraham was told “Leave your land…”

Question: What can the Jews who live abroad do in that case?

Answer: The Jews abroad have to support the connection in Israel. They should also connect but only if we connect in the land of Israel and they will support us. It is here in the land of Israel that the connection should be.

Question: Is that enough to simply establish the connection or should we understand its root and where it stems from?

Answer: We will gradually understand that, as it says: “The hearts are attracted by the actions.” First we have to try to connect, even without understanding exactly how it happens, but simply fulfilling the advice of Kabbalists and taking an example from others. After all, we are not taught anything that is bad or dangerous, but only about connection and mutual understanding that is attained by workshops and different activities together.

It is pleasant and necessary because without it we are facing a disaster, and it is certainly true that when the Jews in Israel get even one millimeter closer great changes take place in other nations according to their size. Everything that happens in Israel is multiplied by one million in the nations of the world. The Jewish nation is very small, so a small change in Israel brings about huge changes all over the world. It is as if we turn on a tap by only one millimeter, but all the nations receive a great filling by it.

Question: Why is unity felt among the Israeli nation only in hard times, in times of war? When we feel such pressure it is felt like labor pains and in ordinary times everything calms down.

Answer: A state of war is a time when we have to start explaining things. After all, people are terrified, hurting and mourning the soldiers that were killed, and so they are more sensitive. In this time it is possible to explain to a person that there is a way of living without pain, that there is a method that raises us from this bad and low world to a beautiful high summit.

If people only listen, it will lead to a great outcome. By the connection between us we protect our soldiers. But in the meantime, it remains as nice words for most people.

Question: How can we learn how to connect?

Answer: We learn to connect in workshops, roundtables, and home circles. This is not a learning process but a process of correction. We learn by actions.

The media were developed for this cause, so that it will be possible to reach everyone. We can have roundtables on TV that will move a person more than a dramatic film and he can participate in the discussion emotionally. Everything depends on how tense the situation is and the tension will not go away. However, we have a chance to connect, and then the success is guaranteed. Join us and together we will succeed!
From KabTV’s “Anti-Semitism” 7/21/14

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