Losing Oneself In Friends

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe started preparing for the convention a long time ago, a few months ago. Now, we need to try to make it so that the goal of the convention is primarily right before our eyes.

The goal is simple. There is nothing in the world except the assembly of desires into one whole. This is what we need to see before us: We do this or compel the Upper Light to do this.

If we seek to experience this state so that it is truly realized between us, then it will really happen. It depends on our desire, and only on it. Then, in the whole world, there will be a feeling, spreading like waves from us.

Everyone already knows that everything depends only on him. We repeatedly studied during the lessons that our perception of the world, the feeling of the world, is the result of our internal view of the world. Baal HaSulam calls it “inner reflection.”

So, we need to direct our inner contemplation, aspiration, so as to see one whole from all of us, and it depends on everyone.

After all, each of us is a separate universe. If we imagine ourselves in this way and support each other, then, naturally, there will be a correct superimposition of one on the other, and, together, we will gather that necessary power of aspiration that will produce a clear manifestation of this state. This is what I want to wish you.

Many of our friends from different countries and regions have gathered here. It is very good because this makes a diverse Kli. This gives power to our mutual aspirations.

To be lost in this society is the real happiness. If a person aspires to this, he feels that he loses himself and that he begins to dance in the joy of connection with friends as Rabash writes in his letter. He disappeared so much that he felt nothing, but them. If we lose ourselves in this our common society, we will begin to feel, through it, the state that we wish to feel: this unity, this Malchut.

I think we can do this. I do not see any obstacles. We just must connect what exists in us.
From the Congress in St. Petersburg, Preparatory Lesson 1

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