The “Selfie”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from DSNews): “Selfie is a way to inflate one’s importance and obtain instant popularity. This phenomenon occurs when the individual becomes more important. The reason is a lack of real communication, inability to reveal one’s inner world.

“Complex content – public, social, informational – takes only 20-30% of the total social networks.

“The bulk of the content is focused on personal life. This trend is even more noticeable in Instagram due to main visual content. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the same in their principles and preferences of the audience.

“Fascinated with themselves and drawing attention to themselves, users of social networks are becoming more fragmented; selfie contributes to the fragmentation of society. Social networks have stopped thinking. Selfie is a way to communicate with society at the loss of live communication skills.

“Funny pictures forced out thinking. Decline of the masses is observed in selecting specific information: an image makes a bigger impression than a text because the brain processes visual images faster, so there is greater involvement.

“Consumers of digital information do not like to read, they perceive only images. Pictures get more viral circulation than analytical articles.

“Users of social networks are much more interested in their own photos or the photos of their neighbors than in the significant events in the world. Great interest in positive information has been laid in the very principle of the structure of social networks.”

My Comment: This is a consequence of the growing egoism, for which the main thing is instant gratification. But there is a dead end in its development and it will be forced to look for fulfillment and will find it only through bestowal.

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