In A Race Against Time Before The End Of Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is known that we are under the total control of higher management, but this knowledge remains only empty words if we don’t feel it and don’t live in it. it is our job to respond to the influence from above every moment, to seek who the Supervisor is in everything that is happening. This means that I don’t just comprehend what is happening to me, but “with mind and heart,” with thought and feeling, I attribute everything that is happening to the higher supervision, apart from which there is nothing. I understand that everything is happening to connect me to it, and as it seems, it is up to me to be ready for it. If I am not ready for this, it is my problem, perhaps because of my previous shortcomings.

Baal HaSulam writes that if the angel that is sent from above cannot take care of a person and bring him to adhesion with the Creator, then the Creator replaces this angel with another one. So we need to understand that we have been lagging with our corrections and they are approaching their realization naturally. They are beginning to be more and more perceptible.

We find ourselves lacking time, and the situations through which we are passing seem more and more complex. In this way, they are pushing us towards the right solution, and from our side what is required is only to invest more effort. There is nothing to do since the whole world is approaching difficult times, as are we.

It is not necessary to wait for things to be easier, on the contrary. Our goal is to connect and from this connection to understand how we can understand the higher management correctly. People who belong to the fourth level in level four are called Yashar-El (Israel) because in them the yearning to discover the supervisor is awakened. And to direct ourselves towards Him correctly, it is up to us to connect. By searching for the right connection, we find how to relate to every moment to discover in it the action of the Supervisor and the Supervisor Himself, to reach adherence with Him and advance in this way.

All the while that we don’t discover the Supervisor, is called “exile.” And every moment that we discover Him within the concealment, within the exile, is called “redemption.” That is how it is necessary to accept our states until we connect all of our efforts into one collective effort. And with its help, we discover the Supervisor with an intensity of “six hundred thousand souls.”

And later on we begin to recognize the Supervisor in all His depth. We don’t just discover Him, discovering that He exists and acts on us; rather we discover all of His expressions. He always stands in front of us through various images, and in spite of all the unpleasant states, we want to discover Him and adhere to Him. That is what we discover; we investigate Him and adhere to Him more and more until we reach the absolute adhesion called the end of correction” (Gmar Tikkun).
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/4/14

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