Condensed Steps

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the meaning of the term “time?”

Answer: Time is the number of actions that we must perform in order to attain a predetermined goal, which is the final state of the end of correction in which we are all connected into one system called Adam (a human being).

The time of evolution is a certain number of changes that we must make. We can hasten time by preparing ourselves for going through these changes in a more condensed manner. We cannot skip these steps, but they can be tightly condensed.

Suppose that I prepare myself at home so that I can perceive and understand one lesson from the teacher at school, while my friend prepares himself in a much better way by reading extra material and thus can perceive five lessons at once. This means that he hastens time and skips above it.

He doesn’t skip the steps. It only seems that way since we don’t see that one action can include many actions. Time is measured by the number of actions, whether it is long or short, since in the spiritual world there is no astronomical time connected to the revolutions of the planets around the sun.

We cannot leap above the steps, but we can condense them. It is impossible to leap over or to skip the steps because then you wouldn’t perform the necessary corrections, but we can prepare ourselves for that so that these corrections will be condensed into one. Everything depends on our preparation: on our readiness to listen, to perceive, and to join an even greater effort.

This is possible only by connection with the friends. If I connect to the friends, my vessel becomes bigger, and it can include more, and then I can perceive many actions at once since all these actions are actions of connection, and if I advance toward them by myself, I can draw more Light.

However, if I advance by the natural pace of evolution, in its time, I must wait until I am awakened for every action and then I respond. I shorten time only by rushing toward connection.

The concepts of pleasure and suffering change according to my advancement and whether I value the Light of connection that is dressed in me as most desirable, and this also depends on the influence of the environment.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/15/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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