A Simple Method

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we accelerate spiritual advancement, unite, put all the pieces together, and adhere to the Creator more quickly?

Answer: How do we accelerate the time of correction? Actually, this is what we are doing.

It can be stretched out for decades and even centuries, resulting in repeatedly returning to this life until we rise to the next degree. Acceleration can only be achieved through drawing the Upper Light to ourselves; there is no other way! We have a very simple, very primitive method of working, which we only need to use. You can dig through thousands of Kabbalah books, but believe me, you will not find anything different.

After all, what do we learn from the model of creation itself, from the governing system? Only how to evoke the Upper Light, which will gradually correct us through its influence. And it is only possible to attract it through equivalence with it.

I often give examples of the way that children play in that they act like they are adults and gradually they become smarter and become like them. This, too, is the influence of the Upper Light.

Everything is only achieved through equivalence! When, in your current degree, you are striving to become similar to something, the next degree acts on you and you gradually ascend to it. Plants, animals, all cells and systems develop according to this principle. We need to develop according to this principle as well, both on the mental and spiritual levels.
From the 2nd lesson of the congress in Bulgaria. 7/11/14

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