A Second Before Correction

Dr. Michael Laitman with studentsQuestion: It’s obvious to everyone that we have reached a dead end and urgently need to take action. But it’s unclear exactly what kind of solution does Baal HaSulam offer, and what method do you propose to stop the system that launches rockets at us? Do you feel that military actions will not lead to anything?

Answer: I am not saying that we should not defend ourselves at all. We must react to attacks, but only in order to win some time, which would allow us to set out on the new path.

Question: Until a new wave of escalations begins?

Answer: If we start dealing with this problem correctly, the way our Torah directs us, then there will be no new wave. The Torah requires that we connect between ourselves. Currently we are now in the same situation like before Mount Sinai, and we must become like one man with one heart. If we unite, we will achieve success, and if not, it will be the place of our burial.

Comment: A lot of people in the Israeli society benefit from the schism in the nation. Everyone hates everyone: Some hate the Russians, others hate natives from Eastern countries, and yet others hate immigrants from Europe. This split is not disappearing, but only getting bigger. Lawyers take bribes, police is negligent of their duties, the entire system is deteriorating….

Answer: This is a clear sign that we urgently need to work on our correction since the root of the problem is specifically in us.

Comment: The Internet is filled with hostile attacks in our direction. We are surrounded by universal hatred and under rocket fire.

Answer: This is exactly the state that is most suitable for correction. Everything was revealed. It became clear that the entire system is broken, and we fail in all areas. We cannot build ourselves.

We are still being held together by the pressure that the hatred of our enemies exerts on us. But if it were not for the neighbors surrounding us from every direction with drawn swords, yearning to destroy us in our own country, we would have started killing each other.

We can only thank those who hate us for the fact that they are holding us together, like nuts in a bag. Otherwise we would have long dispersed, leaving no memory of the nation of Israel which is able to rise. We haven’t disappeared yet among seven billion people only thanks to the external hatred.

We are at the final point, a second before correction. And this correction will happen either through blows or through our reason that can help us take the process of correction into our own hands and to advance through the good path. We will either go by the path of Light and acceleration of time (Achishena) or by the path of suffering, the natural course of development (Beito).

The path of Light implies that we will begin to educate ourselves. There is no other possibility to reach correction but education of all. It is necessary to bring the method of correction to the entire nation and explain what it means to be the chosen people, why we are so hated, and what we need to do in order to really move forward and advance all of humanity.

Everyone has to discover what nature is demanding from us. The word “nature” has the same numerical value (Gematria) as the word “Creator.” It is the same exact force. Each person needs to discover the true Torah, which is given for our own correction through the help of the Light that Reforms.

Torah is the Light that Reforms, and our nature is the evil inclination, our egoism. It is written, “I created the evil inclination and the Torah as addition to it” since with its help we correct egoism. The Light in the Torah, meaning the force of love and bestowal, corrects us. This is why we need to learn how to correct ourselves and to pass this method to the entire world.

These are very simple, easy things. It is said that “the entire Torah is a very simple pursuit.” And it is truly so, if only a person does not confuse it with something else, but does only what is necessary. We must do it.

When you come to the people and start explainןמע this, you will see how readily everyone will agree, how much they will want to listen to you and to join you.
From a TV Program “The Mission of the Nation of Israel” No 2, 7/9/14 

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