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Dr. Michael LaitmanUnlike all the different religions, mysticisms, and beliefs, the method of Kabbalah changes human nature with the help of the Upper Light. We have a method, but we are very limited: We work without a social desire and consent, against all of mankind. Our egoism constantly awakens and interferes: the further we advance, the worse it gets.

We become wiser, we know, understand, and feel more, but, at the same time, we experience serious obstacles in the form of repulsion from one another. This means that we are really working on changing our nature.

In this process we do not have power over anything; the Creator controls everything. And the only way to establish a connection with Him is by wanting to acquire the Kelim (vessels) of bestowal, like His. We can get in touch with Him through these Kelim, like through a phone line.

But the phone does not work automatically; it must be pre-started, as it was before. How do you do it? By working through the group. You need to wind the group up, and if the group gives you the energy, you will “talk” with the Creator; otherwise it will not happen.

Many obstacles await us on this path. I need to involve my friends and receive inspiration from them by canceling myself. Once I become inspired by the importance of the Creator and the group, I must begin to desire to give them pleasure and ask Him to give me the strength to do this. Clearly, this is not real. So what do we do?

One needs one thing in order to advance: the importance of the environment. It is even worth assigning responsibilities, and take turns taking care of it. This work needs to be clear and we need to be able to understand it; we don’t stand a chance of attaining anything without it.
From a lesson 11/26/10, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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