How Do You Develop The Sense For Feeling Others?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you develop the sense for feeling others?

Answer: The sense for feeling others develops by our attempts and efforts force ourselves to bow before the right environment and to attach the external environment to it so that they will connect, and I will serve them. By my good and benevolent attitude towards them, I discover the Creator according to the law of equivalence of form.

The more I try to do good to the environment, the more I will discover the Creator, because He is good and benevolent to the wicked and to the good. So I also need to try to treat everyone that way.

The wicked are those who try to be good but at the moment are dominated by evil. By discovering my attitude towards them in different ways, I discover the Creator and to what extent I have to adjust myself to Him.

The examination and the clarification are only possible with regard to the environment. There is no other place I can meet the Creator, to see Him and to measure in what way I am different from Him. His form is revealed in the general public or in the group, that is, in the environment, in the world, so the world (Olam) is the concealment (Alam – which has the same root in Hebrew) of the Creator.

To the extent that I try to treat the world better and accordingly change myself, I discover the Creator there. There is no other place I can feel Him, since He has no form. By changing myself, I begin to treat the world differently, which means in a better way, and then accordingly I begin to discover that the world is the Shechina where He, the Creator, dwells (Shochen).
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/26/14

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