How To Engage In A Dialog With The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is our free choice? It seems to me that you are explaining it differently now.

Answer: Free choice changes according to every state, every level, on condition that we advance. However, it is necessary to understand that only we have free choice and not the Creator, for (Psalms 148:6) “He has made a law which shall not pass.” The Light is found at absolute rest. However, on the other hand, for all of the substance of creation, for all the nations of the world, there is no free choice.

Therefore, when we look at seven billion human beings, at their relationship toward us, it is possible to understand that the Creator organizes all of the substance of desire according to how it is revealed: all of the reactions that we encounter and all the difficulties and the hatred that is aroused. This is the Aviut (thickness) of the desire with which we need to work from the easiest to more and more difficult.

It is not necessary to expect any changes from them. All that will happen to them is the result of our work, the reaction to what we do with them, and through work with people and the expectation of their reaction, we begin to converse with the Creator, to see nature. The Creator is found within people, as it is written, (Kings II 4:13) “I dwell within my people,” and He responds to our actions. In this form, He wants to teach us what our substance is, the Aviut of the desire.

All the levels of our desire are not found in us but rather in the masses of people and in all levels of nature: the still, the vegetative, and the animate. If you begin to work with them, then you will feel that all this is yours! The Creator is found within all of this desire and wants you to learn what He is giving you, and you are that point that needs to link, to connect to itself the whole Aviut of desire, all nine of His lower Sefirot.

The Nukva is left with one point of Keter in the world of Atzilut, and all her nine lower Sefirot are found below. All of her work is to gradually raise her nine lower Sefirot that are found in the worlds of BYA and world of Atzilut and become the same as Zeir Anpin, like the Creator, so that they will be face to face (Panim be Panim) with one Keter. That is how she reaches her completion of correction.

Therefore, as a result of this work, we begin to discover the force that stands behind the entire world, all seven billion people. Within each one of them is concealed an infinite desire to receive that was created by the Creator, Malchut of the world of infinity. Now, it seems to us that they are activated by simple, mundane human desires for money, power, and knowledge and what concerns them is only food, sex, family, and various pleasures in order to live as much as possible in a more calm way and to suffer less. However, after this, we discover a much deeper, profound desire in them, and this level of desire will open and unfold the era of the “Days of the Messiah” from easiest to the more difficult. However, we will also be prepared for a greater correction already.

If you look at the world in the right form from your point of view, you will see everything as your field of work that you must bring to adherence with the Creator, and every person is the substance of the desire from which the Creator turns to you. Repeatedly try to imagine yourself in a state like this and you will see how simple the world becomes. Nothing exists besides the Creator and the creature. The creature is you, and the Creator is everything that is concealed behind all of this substance, and outside of this, there is nothing.

Apparently, you always are speaking with the Creator and conversing with Him, and all of this substance is the adapter with whose help you can be in connection with the Creator. Without this substance, you would not feel and understand the Creator. You would not be prepared to maintain a mutual connection with Him.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/15/13

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