Advance With The Urgency Of Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is an immense difference between development according to nature (Beito – in its time) and development through the Light, hastening time (Achishena – I will hasten it). If we act correctly, then we significantly shorten the way for ourselves.

Indeed, when we make an effort we clarify what is necessary to clarify and thereby all of the activities that we carried out previously that belong to that same object of effort, are also corrected. Thanks to this, we save energy and effort and what we call “time,” since in the spiritual world there is no time but only forces. This is the difference between the Tzadik (righteous) and the Rasha (wicked).

A Tzadik takes his share and his friend’s share into Gan Eden (Garden of Eden) where he connects the other parts for correction. And therefore instead of the 400 years that were talked about for the Egyptian exile, 210 years are enough. This means that we save 190 years, thanks to advancement in the  way of I will hasten it.

On our level, this difference is expressed by natural advancement, which is advancement according to the laws of nature, as throughout history. The universe was created and developed through the levels of the still, and after that the plants and animals, including humans, appeared on the face of the earth.

Beginning from the creation of the universe and until today, the substance of the still, the vegetative, and the animate nature have developed without our awareness only because of a power within it that obligates its evolution. We have been simply carrying out the thoughts, intentions, and actions that were produced in us in a variety of forms and colors and in different internal and external conditions.

Our desire for pleasure instinctively and compulsively chooses the lesser evil, and thus all the components of nature advanced: the still, the vegetative and the animate.

However, now we have reached a condition in which nature no longer obligates us to advance through overt pressure. There is a particular confusion in our understanding of the system of nature and we don’t know how to act.

It always used to be clear to us what to do, one way or another. We always felt a strength inside us and there were leaders who thought that they knew where to lead the public. They could have been mistaken, but that didn’t matter; nature created the sensation of the correctness of what needed to be done in a person.

Our time is very special. Nobody knows how to act. Everyone is in perplexity, in helplessness, and this is revealed more and more, day by day. The leaders of the world are losing control, meaning they reveal their worthlessness before everyone.

So for the first time in the history of evolution, we have reached a condition where the force of nature doesn’t necessarily develop us; rather, our participation in the process is required. But, we don’t, as yet, know how to participate.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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