Accelerate Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Peace”: And besides the blows we suffer today, we must also consider the drawn sword for the future. The right conclusion must be drawn—that nature will ultimately defeat us and we will all be compelled to join hands in following its Mitzvot with all the measure required of us.

We are in one force called “nature“, the force of bestowal. We are the second force, the force of receiving. According to its size, we have to keep the balance, the equivalence of form with the force of bestowal.

Although we don’t know and are not acquainted with the force of bestowal, we have to work with the environment. If I keep the balance by receiving and giving in this world, then it means that everything is fine. If I want to give to the environment more than is necessary to keep the balance, it means that I advance by the path of “I shall hasten it,” accelerating my development. Then the force of my ego is evoked in me faster than in others and it is as if I rush forward leaving them behind since I am drawn to the force of bestowal. The force of receiving will grow inside me, thus hastening the emergence of the Reshimot (spiritual genes) so that they can be fulfilled.

On the other hand, if I lag behind the pace of the general development of the system of Malchut, which means the “assembly of Israel” and unity, then I feel pressure. The upper Light evokes the shattered Reshimot wanting to raise them to correction. If this chain of Reshimot develops faster, then it is good, and if it develops more slowly, then we feel the Light as bad.

On the whole, this whole system is called “this world.” In it there is Malchut, the “assembly of Israel,” meaning those who want to correct themselves and to attain connection and also the “nations of the world.” Everything is included here in Malchut. It is called the world. But it is hard for me to work with the whole world and so there is a small part before me, the group, in which I fulfill my corrections.

The Creator, the upper Light, has a beginning (0) and an end (100%). And we have no other choice but to reach the end. The question is only how exactly do we reach it. This is only what it is about.

We have been through three phases in our evolution: inanimate, vegetative, and animate. These phases are essential and no one asked for our consent.

But starting from the level of the “speaking,” we must be conscious and by our own consent, we raise a request for correction (MAN) and not otherwise. This means that the upper Light will pressure us every step of the way until we turn to it by ourselves with our request.

Accelerate Time
It is impossible to advance by sufferings. On the contrary, they force us to stand still until they accumulate and change our attitude to what is happening. Only then will we be ready to bow our heads.

In any case, without the preliminary deficiency, we will not be able to go through the phase of “speaking” in our evolution. It is because this phase requires understanding and recognition, which is possible only if I have a deficiency for it. However, on the levels of inanimate, vegetative, and animate, I advanced and developed without any understanding and recognition.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/8/13, “The Peace”

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