A Hundred Years Of Suffering

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is the process of the descent of the generations still going on or is it already over?

Answer: The process isn’t over until we begin the correction. But there is another question: Is it possible to start the correction if there is still room to decline? After all, we know that the ascent and the correction have to start from the bottom.

The point is that we correct the last part of the desire by hastening the process. This is the uniqueness of the “days of the Messiah” that we can use the drawing force and correct these vessels during our ascent. By raising a request, MAN, for correction, we discover a deficiency, the necessity, since in order to correct ourselves we need to feel the same deficiency, and this is possible only by the Light.

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Suppose I have to feel a blow in order to appreciate the greatness of the Creator. This blow can be revealed in very difficult states in which I try to overcome troubles and do something. I build and destroy, delve into problems and fight them for a long time so that eventually I will give up and surrender and say: “That’s it, I can’t go on any longer; it’s impossible to advance this way.” This is how we learn by suffering.

But I can go through the same suffering and the same study and reach the same outcome much faster if I learn how to connect and to draw the Light that Reforms. Then I also feel sorrow, but it stems from the lack of connection, from the fact that I am not in vessels of bestowal. It’s a much more qualitative sorrow. In the first case, the sorrow belongs to the corporeal physical bodies with all their problems, including hunger, murder, etc., but now I choose another sorrow instead. We cannot do without sorrow; we have to feel a deficiency, a need, since otherwise the Light will not be revealed, but this is a sweet deficiency when I lack the love of the Creator, the love of the created being, the attraction, and the urge to attain a general connection among everyone.

These sorrows and suffering are on a spiritual level and not on a corporeal one. It’s one thing when millions of people suffered for a hundred years and another when I raise it to a spiritual height, and then a small group is enough. I hasten time this way, and now there is no need for a hundred years and for millions of people to suffer. Instead, this small group does it in a short time. Thus we change the corporeal clarification to a spiritual one.

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From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/25/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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