The Expensive Scheme

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe all become integrated with each other. All our thoughts are in each other. No matter how we express them, we still experience the same states internally. Which ones, it does not matter.

We study the wisdom of Kabbalah from the top downward, from the world of Infinity to our world, and here, at the convention on integral education, we pass it from the bottom up, discussing how to rise from our world to the world of Infinity.

It is all one methodology, the same at all the levels. The difference is only in understanding, in the depth of solutions to the questions that arise. But they are solved in the same way: by greater unity among us, integration with each other, connecting the wider circles of humanity to us, and naturally, together with this, even greater yearning for the Creator. That is all.

I am very glad that we have found this brief, simple scheme, because it could be difficult to express. Now, we have come to the state when seemingly we have succeeded and it is in front of us in a compact form.

We will still have to learn it well, put it inside ourselves so that everyone feels: “That’s how I have to work, and then everything will go smoothly.”

We will start to work on this whole scheme internally, will begin to perceive everything through it.

In general, well done! Thank you.
From the Integral Education Convention, Day Two 2/3/14, Workshop 3

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