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Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar”: How could it be that transitory, wasteful actions would extend from the eternal? And we see that, indeed, we have already been extended as is fitting for His Eternalness—eternal and perfect beings. And our eternalness necessitates that the Klipa of the body, which was given to us only for work, will be transitory and wasteful. For if it remained in eternity we would remain forever separated from the Life of Lives.

We have said before (Item 13), that this form of our body, which is the will to receive for ourselves alone, is not at all present in the eternal thought of creation, for there we are in the form of the third state. Yet, it is obligatory in the second state, to allow us to correct it.

And we must not ponder the state of other beings in the world but man, since man is the center of Creation, as will be written below (Item 39). And all other creatures do not have any value of their own but to the extent that they help man achieve his perfection. Hence, they rise and fall with him without any consideration of themselves.

Our present condition, which looks so bad and low, is given to us deliberately so that we would detect perfection from it. “The advantage of light is known from the darkness.”

Moreover, all the other creatures are included in this analysis together. Indeed, the reality that we see outside is actually a projection of our inner properties. I have all the four stages of “material” desire, but I detect only the fourth, the human degree.

This also applies to our world. If we identify all the correct forms of relationships between us in humanity, it will be enough to correct the previous levels: still, vegetative, and animate. By correcting itself, the fourth level also corrects the previous ones that are included in it.

After all, other creatures have no freewill. They are automatically included in the human being during his correction. Therefore, if it were corrected, for example, ten percent, then all the surrounding nature would be corrected to the same extent.

So, our real concern is not the environment, not the climate, not pollution, but just our own corrected attitude to each other. To the extent we correct this attitude, in the same measure natural disasters abate and environmental problems subside.

Thus, Baal HaSulam gives us the key to correction of not just humanity, but of the whole world, including the still, vegetative, and animate nature. Do you want to appease the Earth so that it provides you with everything in the best form: food, water, and air? Do you want to feel a sense of comfort and calm, where nothing pressures you, threatens you, where there is a lovely cloud around you, caring and friendly? Then correct yourself and don’t be diverted by anything else. A person should not be distracted by the universe, which is a copy of his flaws, but remember that all “external” flaws depend on him and are given to him, so that based on them, he verifies and identifies perfection.

Then he will see what was said: “We were like in a dream.” In other words, everything that we experience now and will experience on the following degrees of the spiritual ladder to the final correction is a “dream,” artificially given to us from Above in the form of the corrupted world, so that by its means, studying the system from flaws to correction, we know the Creator, according to the principle, “By Your actions we will know You.” From knowing Him, as a consequence, we will be able to adhere to Him in perfection, which is the goal of creation, the goal of all the worlds, of their creation, the breaking and correction.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/9/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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