Are We Smarter Than Ancient People?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Stanislav Drobyshevskiy, Ph.D., assistant professor of anthropology, Department of Biology, Moscow State University): “It is not a fact that we are smarter than people of the Upper Paleolithic, who lived 40-10 thousand years ago. They were generalists.

“Every Cro-Magnon knew how to make and how to use all the necessary tools, how to light a fire, what he could hunt and from whom and how to flee, what could be eaten, and what would hurt the stomach; he was a builder, and a physician, and a historian and a hunter, and a master of all trades.

“Now it is the time of professionals. Everyone knows his narrow task, but is helpless in general. Humanity is rapidly turning into an ant hill – is it a sign that we are becoming smarter?”

My Comment: We do not have to get smarter; we need to become aware of our helplessness in the egoistic rejection of each other so that we will want to cooperate, connect, unite, and reveal the higher existence in complete unity.

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