Nothing Is Redundant In This World

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery person has his own purpose and nothing is redundant in this world.

When I read about how many people are killed every day in different disasters, accidents, or car crashes I cannot help but wonder about how unruffled our society is.

Once there were militias that kept the order in the streets in old Leningrad, and we were forced to be members of these militias. It was there that we heard for the first time the announcement: “There was a murder on x street, go there immediately.” Nothing was written about it anywhere and no one spoke about it. We were shocked: “There is murder?!”

Today we hear about such things all the time. For example, a thousand people were killed in Lebanon and another thousand were killed in Syria, etc., but this hardly disturbs anyone. It may take several weeks of riots and many losses before the UN sluggishly begins to denounce such actions of vandalism. All this is reminiscent of the “just anger of the Soviet people.”

However no one is redundant in this world and everyone is fulfilling his purpose no matter what. When the upper providence removes these people with different bloody methods, it means that we don’t live this life correctly and so it is taken from us, thus correcting things by terrible forced deaths.

But humanity relates to this so passively that even the media hardly mention the fact that some international organizations protesting against the killing, demanding the masses be appeased.

Surprisingly, no one is calling out to do anything. Everyone is calm. If governments didn’t have to react to such events in certain polite international diplomatic frameworks, the media wouldn’t mention them at all.

In the ancient world, by the way, human life was much more meaningful. Slaves were worth a lot of money and could well pay for themselves. They had to be fed, and clothed, but in return they worked from morning to evening, and so they were well cared for and cherished.

This is mentioned in many books and especially in the Talmud, where it specifically says how to take care of a slave. After all, he could yield more to the owner than an animal. In other words, a devotee, a loyal servant, cost a lot of money. Therefore no prisoners were killed but were enslaved.

Life was also valuable because in those days there was no social support as we have today. If the provider of a family was killed, his wife and children died of hunger since there were no welfare systems that could support them. So society was interested in preserving people’s lives.
From Kab TV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/19/13

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