Life Is A Priceless Gift

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What will happen to us if human life is gradually devalued?

Answer: The value of human life has nothing to do with the number of people on earth but with our attitude towards each person. Unfortunately, we don’t feel any loss when someone dies. We don’t even value our own life as we should, since we don’t see any meaning in it. In the past life and death were respected. People used to mourn the deceased. After all people valued life.

Today, when we can provide everyone with a relatively healthy affluent life, with good education, can help people stand on their own two feet and to become vital and value life, the desire to live disappears. If we could speak frankly to all the people in the world, they would say that they live against their own will. Of course, it’s scary to think that one might go to sleep and not wake up, but if they were offered to end their life that way, painlessly, they would agree. Many people in the world feel that their life is meaningless and don’t want to experience and to feel what they feel as living. This means that the meaning of life is in need of re-evaluation.

Today many people who are depressed and take antidepressants gradually move on to taking drugs that are becoming legal so that they can be in a good mood. When a person is “high” he doesn’t become a burden on society and society doesn’t have to worry about his death. With drugs, you kill him in a nice civilized way.

This is the best, simplest, and cheapest solution for the elite. They have already won against the giant cigarette manufacturers and the legalization of drugs has already been taken to the next level.

Comment: But this is not a correction.

Answer: The authorities have no other means to correct people, and why would they do that?! It isn’t their goal. They don’t see the future. They will realize the need for correction only when they have no choice. Another solution may be a war that would “cleanse” the earth and leave only one billion people and a clean environment. This is clearly an ideal solution for them and they would undoubtedly agree to that since the most important thing for them is to rule in a normal organized world. There is no point ruling and managing this madness.

However, the problem is that today, when a global connection is revealed in the world, it’s impossible to predict anything and they discover that they are gradually losing control. They cannot understand that nature is managing us and that it is bestowal and absolute love. Nature reveals its oppositeness in order to draw us to it and to help us reject the egoistic nature we are in now. The elite don’t understand this, since they don’t understand the reasons for the current crisis.

The decision makers believe that the current crisis is a result of over production and don’t understand that it’s caused by the descent of the upper force into our world as it gets closer to us. This force is absolute goodness and absolute love, and so it is revealed in our egoistic desires as a force that is opposite from us. Eventually the need for a change has to be evoked in them, but they can understand this by the upper force only through us, and for the time being they don’t hear us.

The upper force that gradually descends into our world forces us to see that there is one leadership, one goal, and one way to advance in this world. But many don’t ask themselves yet: “What is this goal? Where is it leading us? How?” It’s clear that there is one force, one idea that comes from Above, but the process itself and its purpose isn’t clear yet.

I believe that it will happen soon. We should hurry and explain these things to the public. It’s more important than showing them what we can correct, so we are mainly busy with this issue now because the most important thing is to disseminate!
From Kab TV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/19/13

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  1. All of this is very true. It is very easily seen living when living in smaller poorer communities in traditional places (where they still mourn the deceased) and still for the most part, value their family and community ties. The real question is how do you get the more sophisticated societies, who at their root, do feel the emptiness of the eternal quest to impress (and therefore buy love), via a bigger empty house and a more impressive vacation to “feel” what it truly means to bond with the person and the community next to us. It can only be experienced, and then a decision must be made. Probably the vast majority experiencing this, would never leave it. Good luck to you all. You do have the only correct idea. The difficult part will be to make the people really feel it. For most of us it will take a lifetime and very special circumstances.

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