Egoists Bound In Integral Shackles

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe cannot influence the discovery of the general connections in the modern world. This process goes on while we flop around like fish in a net, necessarily feeling our greater dependence upon each other.

On the other hand, internally, we are becoming more and more separated and dispersed. This is how it must be; otherwise, we would lose our freedom of choice.

This process involves many factors and it is continuing. At the same time, that connection continues to grow, our ego grows stronger. Today, bloodshed in various parts of the world and the murder of women and children no longer arouse compassion the way they did in the past. We think that we have become more sensitive and cultured; whereas, in fact, we have become more violent and don’t consider the connection between us.

Some kind of veil is concealing it from us; we see the same false picture of collective separation. Moreover, even if I am aware that I depend upon others, I am not prepared to consider this. The results are very sad. Is it possible to explain what is happening in the world logically? If someone were to look at us from the side, he would not find any logic to be operating: “What are they doing? Why are they making every effort to destroy each other’s lives?”

Human nature is contrary to the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate. The animate and the vegetative are a single complex that constitutes life, immersed in concern for the future. The main desire of animals is to reproduce and nurture offspring. This is an unchanging law of nature. We, in contrast, disregarding the next generation, destroy the world in which they will need to live. It doesn’t matter to us what will be left for our children. Resources are running out, the climate is becoming worse, there is a lack of clean water and clean air; the trees are being cut down…so what? We are even ready to make war; we now have nuclear arsenals for this.

In fact, our approach is irrational, defying all logic. And here there is a need to give the right answer, to make a decision. Since in logic and in understanding we are stronger than ever, let’s detach the mind from the ego and become responsible for what is happening. How can it be that humanity is ready to choose a completely different way of being, yet continues to advance toward the abyss?

The idea is that today the true enemy and hater is our ego. Blatantly and in an unprecedented manner it deceives us in every way possible, so much so that there is nothing left in life that can be enjoyed, that can comfort and be fulfilling.

Let’s hope that we can discover the true state of things as soon as possible and stop the downward spiral into world war. You can see today that even this threat doesn’t have the same deterring force it had in the past. “It’s okay,” the ego tells us, “We will fight a little. There were seven billion, seven million remain. It happens…” We cannot control ourselves and we can already see that this scenario is quite likely.

But meanwhile, throughout this process we are discovering a network of general connection. It’s discovered in the form of two forces: One comes from the Creator, linking and joining us. The second force originates in the ego, in the shattered Reshimot (spiritual genes). It divides and separates between us. The Surrounding Light that comes from one whole “circle,” influences us more, showing us that we are also “round.” In spite of this, under its influence, the ego erupts more and more, and ultimately we are torn between these two opposing forces, causing us to suffer doubly. Through the ego as it is, we could be successful, but it would be revealed as opposed to the global world network and we would no longer derive benefit from it. You see, in order to be successful in the global network, I must be well connected with everyone correctly. This is what the network demands of us, but it bumps into the opposition of our nature. Meanwhile the egoistic nature grows stronger.

If I experience much suffering because of my ego, which boils and bubbles within the collective network that tightly connects all of us, it could be that I will change. And experience doesn’t prevent this suffering; until the last moment I will try to flee and get away from it. Only through integral education, in which lies the Light that Reforms, will it be possible for me to raise my eyes and see what is waiting for me in advance. Integral education makes it possible to connect the ego with the global network and shows us how to use it according to the rules of that network.

Generally, I must find an answer for myself: What else can be done? For this it’s up to us first to understand where we have arrived. We have arrived in a world of egoists who are shackled to each other. We want to spread out as far as possible; something inside draws us outward, separates between us, but in contrast, the global network closes us in. So what is there to do? From where do you get a power for balance, for calm?

This is what integral education needs to explain to people: You can become serene, relax up to a feeling of perfection that is hard even to imagine. How can we do this? We are not masters of our ego. We can’t diminish it; even in the future it will continue to grow. Even with the network, it’s impossible to do anything; it pushes us closer to each other.

Only the Light that Reforms can correct the connection between us and bring us to balance. It raises us above the ego and transforms us so that we can use it according to the rules of the network and be incorporated into it.

It’s possible to express this otherwise: When we begin to connect artificially, ultimately we discover that we can do this for real. And within this unity we discover a new life, a new spirit, new powers, and a new reality. In fact, this is the wisdom of the crowd, the unity that raises everyone to a good connection. When we aspire to unite on equal terms, in this collective aspiration we find a power, which we had no idea about previously. This works for everyone, children and adults, the young and the old, women and men. All can comprise a single mosaic.

At the same time, every one of us transforms to be more and more complex. Our common “puzzle” is truly a complex system. But there is nothing to be concerned about here; the moment we aspire to unity, the components of the system immediately begin to reveal before us a general picture of integration and mutual wholeness.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/6/13, “The Mutual Guarantee”

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