Rise Up And Pull the Others After You

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we correct the wicked when they are discovered? What is there to do if they persist like permanent problems without solutions?

Answer: Static states do not exist because at every moment new Reshimot are discovered, but a person doesn’t see them, doesn’t notice the changes taking place. These changes of Reshimot occur with infinite speed, but we with our limited feelings only discover every tenth Reshimo, every thousandth Reshimo, or ten thousandth.

We are not prepared to grasp the changes of a state with such a high frequency or to distinguish the tiny changes that take place in them. This is like an infant who hardly perceives anything of all that is happening around him, but the more he grows, he begins to discern and discover more, to be stimulated and enjoy more.

Writings of Baal HaSulam, Letter 5: I rejoice in those revealed corruptions and the ones that are being revealed…. This is why I’m happy when they come out of their holes because when you cast your eye on them, they become a pile of bones…. But I do not settle for it even for a moment…. that when the buried wicked appear, although they haven’t been fully conquered, their very appearance is regarded as a great salvation.

This essentially is our work, there is no more. Concentrating on it can greatly reduce the time. And the main thing is to not lose our enthusiasm and good mood. But if we don’t prepare ourselves for revelation, then we get a descent. But this is not necessary. It is possible never to descend but to go from strength to strength if we prepare ourselves correctly. And then we won’t feel the blow. In prepared Kelim (desires), it will not be perceived as a blow but as an honorable achievement, attainment, and good discovery. Everything depends only on preparation.

This is what the world is missing because the world was not ready for this discovery; now we are beginning to teach about it, but it must still pass through many ascents and descents. And we must understand that as long as we have not advanced them, we have not advanced ourselves. Baal HaSulam writes that he asked that his spiritual degree be lowered so he would be able to educate people.

Every Kabbalist who is a conduit for others, depends upon them. This is because he can’t advance more than he can take care of others. Certainly there is a huge difference between their levels, but in spite of this, if he takes upon himself the mission to be concerned about others and to take care of them, he cannot rise as high as would be fitting regarding his effort, rather he is left below in order to take care of the lower ones.

We relate to the world exactly as the teacher relates to his students. And if we want to advance, we have no choice but to advance the world. And even though there is a very great gap between the levels, in any case, we must rise together in parallel. If we don’t rise and don’t lead and pull the world after us, we cannot give satisfaction to the Creator.

We see even from the example of our world, that people who give birth to children begin to be more concerned about and involved with the children and are less immersed in their own advancement. They turn themselves in the direction of the children, “small states,” and don’t yearn to develop themselves and be great people. We must learn from nature, that specifically in this form we advance. After I passed the stage of embryo and the small state (Ibur and Yenika) and attained maturity (Mochin), I can achieve great abundance only through taking care of the small.

That is how the spiritual ladder of levels is built. If I don’t raise a prayer, MAN, from the lower ones, I cannot myself receive Light from above, that is, to clothe in the Light of Hassidim, which I pass to the lower ones. Attainment and discovery are possible only when you don’t look for greatness for yourself, but want to develop those who come after you. That is how it is arranged in our world as a copy of the spiritual, and that is how advancement in the spiritual levels is done. Therefore, the time has arrived for doing acts of widespread dissemination, whether we want it or not, because without this we don’t advance.

We must understand these things, agree with them, and realize them. And then we will see that it is specifically this work with the people that helps us to understand, feel more, and advance.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/18/13

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