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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The method of Integral Education teaches those who have a need for change. A child doesn’t need this; things are good for him. And if there is no need, he will not comprehend this method.

Answer: Don’t confuse a small child with an adult. We must approach an adult from the angle of his suffering and problems: in the family, at work, with himself, with his finances, with his health. We need to find what is bad for him and specifically turn to him in this way. “You are sick? You will be healthy. You are a failure? You will become successful,” etc. With this it’s possible to interest him and to attract him to classes because eventually the integral group corrects everything. It gradually brings the person to a state of happiness. What does it matter in what form?

We don’t behave like this with a child; we don’t ask him what he wants and what he doesn’t. We need to make an adult out of him! With this goal we must give him a certain amount of knowledge, skills, and most importantly, teach him about correct behavior in society, about correct communications between them.

A child comes to an integral school to absorb everything that they give there in the easiest, best, and most pleasant way, to know how to behave with people and to communicate with them in a good way in order to understand how the entire system works: the management of the city, the management of the nation, the management of the entire world. This is an absolutely different approach. You must transform the child into being integral, meaning, he includes the knowledge of the world within himself and communicates with it in a mutual and successful way.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/24/13

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