Two Parts Of The Same Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Where is the boundary between me nullifying myself, my opinion, and my investing myself in a group and thereby adding to its power?

Answer: I can add to a group only what it needs and not my opinion. I don’t have the right to insert my opinion into a group. I only show it that the most important thing in life for me is spiritual elevation, where perception of the Creator becomes the most important goal for me. This is what I must insert and contribute to a group. My personal opinion is not in this. I nullify myself and accept the opinions of the Kabbalists.

Could it be that you are confusing this with the work of dissemination or with other states? Could it be that you think about exchanges of ideas in connection to the manner in which we build the group, how we disseminate?

Very often, the term “group” is understood in two absolutely different forms. The first is that this is a spiritual form, where all of us are connected in the heart, in the yearning and inclination to discover the Creator, and the second form is when we work in dissemination, in unity, not within ourselves, not for the Creator, but in order to carry out some physical task. There is no need to mix this with that.

Carrying out a task on the physical level has no relation or connection to spiritual work. It is necessary to differentiate these two parts of a group, and in no way should they be mixed together. Then, everything will be okay.

There are people who are wonderfully involved with dissemination. We can speak about the strength of their natural abilities. There are people who can work more with their hands. There are technical workers, accountants and so on. Our dissemination factory is comprised of them.

In no way is it necessary to link the factory with the spiritual group where we are gathered together, unite our hearts and turn them toward the Creator, for people who are successful in one group might not succeed at all in another group. They don’t have this ability. There are friends who learn passionately, unite, are ready to ignite and awaken the others, but they don’t have particular skills for work, even in processing material. Therefore, it is seriously necessary to differentiate one from the other.

Try to think of how you divide the group into its spiritual part and its physical part. The spiritual part is only the inner unity. Who is more involved with this? Who is concerned about this more? Who gives more excitement to the friends, for the spiritual part of the group is the most important.

What belongs to the physical part? It could be that this is all kinds of experts, technicians, pragmatic people who simply work without a mutual connection between them.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/20/13

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