Not Personal Shortcomings But Material For Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe advance only because of falls, crashes, disappointments, and the revelation of unpleasant states that are experienced in our desire to enjoy. First, we believe that all these troubles give us various strengths in this world, then we attribute them to the Creator.

It all depends at what degree a person is, in what disclosure. Perhaps, he has found himself in such concealment that he has completely lost sensation of the Creator and blames the world thinking that it is people who have caused him different problems, both internal and external. All problems are shown on the background of the material world, that is, affecting his needs for food, sex, family, money, power, and knowledge.

A person rises after that. If he is connected with a group, then he can rise by the path of Light, and if he is not able to become included into it, then at least he does so through mechanical participation in the studies, in all sorts of actions. He gets new blows to his ambition and starts to link them with his attitude, to blame himself. First, he accused only others and saw them as the cause of his state. But if he advances, he also begins to blame himself, attributing to himself what has happened.

He beats himself up, experiencing a lot of stress, and this state may take a very long time. Everything depends on a person’s inclusion in the environment. If he is not included in the group enough, then he can experience different conflicts in it and not learn from them. If he manages to achieve a strong connection with the group, he gets the Light that Reforms through it and begins to attribute all the actions to the Creator. The approaching Light gives him this feeling.

Then he sees that all of these misunderstandings, problems, and obstacles have been the revelation of his internal properties. The culprit was not the cruel world and not even his bad nature but just desires that need to be corrected. There is no need to apply them to oneself. They really belong to him, but they are given to him to work on them.

It is desirable to realize that the evil that is revealed to us does not apply to our personal account but is given to us just for correction, as working material. And if we do not want to accept this evil and breaking and strive to unite with Israel and the Creator that are one, then we begin to demand and ask for help to rise out of these states. So we raise all our shortcomings upwards  with the help of the screen and the Reflected Light, which can be clothed in the Direct Light.

All the way from this world to the world of infinity, we will constantly disclose the breaking and the evil. Our goal is to turn this evil into the tools for the revelation of the Light through our work. We have to add our correct attitude, our efforts, to these shortcomings, which are exposed by the Light, and then we will reveal goodness inside them.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/13/13, Shamati #33 “The Lots on Yom Kippurim and Haman”

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