A New Life On The 2nd Floor

Dr. Michael LaitmanHow can you verify that we are advancing correctly? It is clear that a person is too fond of himself and always evaluates himself in terms of his egoism subconsciously. We are not able to verify the correctness of our path objectively.

The only opportunity for us to change is by acquiring a situation like the guest and the Host, by feeling a special treatment from the Host which transforms us from enjoying the fulfillment to beginning to enjoy the One who gives the fulfillment. That is, we rise above the desire and the Light that fills it, which are directly connected to each other in the natural, physical form and move on to the level of the relationship between the guest and the Host.

The guest is not the desire to enjoy itself, but a new property built inside of it which is familiar with the Host, understands Him, and feels His attitude. There is a desire and fulfillment, and above them, their mutual relationships are suddenly revealed. That is, the “2nd floor” is built between the Creator, not His actions, but the Creator Himself and the created being, where the image of the Creator is formed.

Then a conflict breaks out on the 1st floor between the vessel and the Light and the relationship between the Creator and the created being on the 2nd floor. Therefore, the created being feels an inner contradiction. Every time my desire changes, my attitude towards pleasure changes. I am starting to see it in a new way, and according to this I have to choose the correct goal.

So, I am given the first starting point. If I want to establish a relationship between myself and the Creator on the 2nd floor and not on the first, then I should please Him as much as He attempts to please me. The reason for my creation is His love for me, the desire to bring me pleasure. And how can I do the same thing for Him in return?

I need to explore this, to try to find out how I can please Him during my life: What He wants, what He seeks, what will make Him feel good. It is hard to figure out because if I do something to bring pleasure to the Creator and feel it, then I will receive more pleasure than I can bear. I would be so corrupted by selfish pleasure that I would never be able to get out of it, to rise above it to the 2nd floor .

Therefore, beginning with the first man, Adam HaRishon, we are provided with help in this world. Kabbalists tell us that in order to reveal the relationship between the human being and the Creator, I need the correct environment in which I can perform such actions that will bring Him pleasure. After all, the environment is desire and pleasure independent and unrelated to me. I do not feel it. And if I can fill a foreign environment that is outside me: the still, vegetative, animate, and human, then I will bring pleasure to the Creator. It is a very simple principle.

The only problem is that I cannot bring pleasure to someone else because I only think about myself. That is my nature. But no matter what, I have to try. And if I want to bring the other person joy for the sake of delighting the Creator, the entire process has to be on the 2nd floor because it does not depend on my own enjoyment.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/26/13

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